Basic Cooking Survival Gear

Some people can’t remember a time before they cooked and it can feel like they were born holding a pot and pan. Then there are others who make it through most of their life without cooking anything. For these kinds of people it can be intimidating trying to start your cooking collection. Even if you know how to cook it can be difficult knowing exactly what to buy when you start buying lodge cast iron cookware NZ for yourself. That’s why this guide is here, to lay out the cooking survival gear that every kitchen should have. 


One thing you’re definitely going to need is some sort of cookware. Ideally you’d have a pot or pan but if you want the bare basics you can choose the one you think you’ll need the most. If you can spend the money getting a decent cast iron cookware with three or four parts you’ll be off to a great start.


When it comes to cooking and preparing dishes things like knives and spoons will always come in handy. Don’t think you need a full set of expensive kitchen knives but you should have at least one good and sharp knife that you can use to chop, slice and otherwise cut ingredients. You’ll also need some sort of spoon that you can use to stir dishes. Just remember that there are difference between spoons and knives used for preparation and spoons and knives used for cooking. You should specifically buy chef knives and spoons to prepare things properly.

Can opener.

One of the easiest ways to start cooking is using things that come in a can. Just consider all the soups you can make by popping open a can and heating it up in a pop. Of course you can used canned goods to create more creative dishes but you can’t do anything without a can opener to get the process started.

Measuring tools.

If you read a recipe you’ll notice that they tend to call for specific measurements. It’s one thing to put 2 eggs into a dish but do you know how to pour out 100 ml of milk? To handle these specific jobs you’ll need something like a measuring cup or measuring spoons. If you can only buy one get a decent sized measuring cup.

Cutting board.

As you get to work on your ingredients with your new chef’s knife you can quickly damage your counter or plates if you don’t have a proper cutting board. This is a wooden board that is designed to handle knives. You can knick it and cut it but that’s what it’s designed for. Just remember to clean it thoroughly after cutting things like raw meat on it so germs don’t spread to other ingredients.

If you buy every one of the items listed here you should be able cook a wide range of dishes. You’re sure to have more than enough options to get you started on your culinary journey. From there you can keep adding on new items and better versions of your old tools. But for now just focus on the basics and then finding recipes you can cook without having to buy anything new. With the right start there’s no telling how far you will go.