How To Get Your Golf Cart Run Faster?

Golf players know the importance of golf carts. These carts may look just nice in the eyes of a layman. But these are of immense importance to the players. They are not just for carrying the bag of equipment. The cart carries everything a player needs. It even carries the player to the desired spot of golf course. It is a relief from carrying the bag of equipment on wheels.

Technology has gifted these carts to the sports. It is well known that even advanced things will degrade with regular usage. It may run for really long before slowing down. So, it is no wonder that a golf cart will lose its speed over time. The colour will get faded and the overall appearance will lose its grace. The only solution we do opt for is to replace the cart with a new one. There are golf carts for sale available online. Choose the one as per your choice. Sometimes, money matter does not allow us to buy a new cart. So, a player may need to continue with the old cart. By replacing a few parts and doing a few things you can at least make your car run faster.


Old batteries can cause a lag in speed. Remove your old batteries and get new ones. For electric carts or electric golf trolley it is the only source. So, be careful about the batteries.

Reduce weight:

Do you believe in carrying all the equipment in the cart – even, the old ones? If the cart is lagging in its speed, make it a little lighter. There may be old discarded equipment or parts in the cart which you no longer use. Though one may think that a few parts or equipment will do no harm, actually the combined weight is enough to slow the cart down. So, do your part. Take some time out and remove all those old items from the cart. The reduced weight will definitely boost the cart’s speed.

Cart tyres:

Do you only use your cart or really care for it? If you are concerned over slow speed, check the tyres. The tyres must be properly inflated at perfect time or it will make your cart run slow.


A cart that is continuously facing resistance will slow down. A golf course is an open area and bears all the natural forces. So, it is no wonder that there will be dust, dirt and mud on the course. These will get into the undercarriage and create resistance that will slow the car down. Clean the undercarriage properly to reduce any resistance.